The panel on the right contains an interactive simulation called Energy Optimisation.

Click ‘ENLARGE’ to see a larger version of the simulation and read the instructions.

Select a scenario and click ‘START’ to begin. Click ‘NORMAL VIEW’ to return to this page.

When you have tried out the simulation, click through the tabs at the top of this panel: ‘Inform’, ‘Question’, ‘Challenge’ and ‘Hypothesise’. The ‘Links’ section has some useful websites to help you with your research.

Additional teacher's note

Ask the students: 'How well would you do as the predator?'

The purpose of this simulation is to explore the energy budget of the hunting lynx. After several students have attempted the simulation, gather their opinions as to which of the possible variables will bring success soonest to the hunter. Make the connection between energy gained and energy used and the pressure that this exerts on both predator and prey.

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