The panel on the right contains an interactive diagram of a biomass - pyramid.

Click 'ENLARGE' to see a larger version of the diagram.

Click 'Start' in the bottom right-hand corner and read the information. Click 'Continue…' when you are ready to move onto the next page. Click 'NORMAL VIEW' to return to this page.

When you have read the information and investigated the biomass pyramid, click through the tabs at the top of this panel: 'Inform', 'Question', 'Challenge' and 'Hypothesise'. The 'Links' section has some useful websites to help you with your research.

Additional teacher's note

This activity will help to identify how much the students already know and understand about ecological pyramids models. Use the pyramid to stimulate discussion about what different ecological pyramids can tell us and their value as models in general. You will need to introduce the concepts of 'biomass' and 'energy pyramids' if students are only familiar with pyramids of numbers. You can model this yourself, or you can task the students with finding the information via internal or external site links.

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