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London Gifted & Talented is committed to delivering websites that are usable and inclusive. Content on our websites should be usable by all browsers and all users regardless of ability. If you have any suggestions or comments, please email

Access keys

Some web browsers offer an alternative way to follow navigation links by using keyboard access keys. To use an access key, hold down the 'Alt' key and press the appropriate letter. Then press 'Return/Enter' to go to the desired page.

The following access keys are available throughout Interdependence:

  • 1 London Gifted & Talented homepage
  • 2 London Gifted & Talented Students page
  • 3 London Gifted & Talented Teachers page
  • A Interdependence home
  • S Glossary
  • D Accessibility
  • F Technical requirements
  • G Credits
  • H Sitemap.

While the following access keys are only available within the activities:

  • T Starter
  • M Main
  • P Plenary.

Screen readers

Software programs that provide support for a wide range of abilities ranging from physically challenged to severe dyslexic and totally blind people. London Gifted & Talented websites will work with a wide variety of the most popular screen readers.

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